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Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose

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What's holding you back from essential wellness?!

Naturally unlock the secrets of living with organic cooking, cleaning and cosmetics.

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Create wellness in your home and join the supportive community with a global natural solutions company (DOTERRA).

DISCLAIMER - These programs are designed for weight loss methods and healthy eating practice, not to cure or treatment for medical health conditions. Please seek medical advice before any weight loss program. Please select program carefully as T&Cs apply.

Founder Natalie Rose


Welcome! I’m Natalie Rose, a nutrition and business coach ( I love essential oils ). Over the course of my 20+ year training and coaching career, I’ve developed a highly-effective fitness and food program that helps women lose weight, improve their health, and enhance their vitality. Wellness is my passion and I take great pride and joy in helping women create true, lasting transformation.


How it started 


My love of wellness was sparked in high school when I developed an interest in food, health, and fitness. I earned a business operations diploma in hospitality and later, opened a beauty salon that focused on natural treatments. I’d regularly use aromatic and homeopathic practices on my clients to enhance their mind-body connection and bring a touch of magic to each treatment. 


Always eager to learn and grow, I became a certified personal trainer and began studying for a nutrition degree. It was during this time that I discovered the truth about slimming down, the importance of our own personal body composition, and past exercise experiences.  


My approach 


I know that dieting and eliminating processed foods from your life can be really challenging. As someone with celiac disease, I intimately understand what it feels like to be at war with food.  My goal is to guide, support, and encourage you throughout the process, making it as easy-breezy as possible. Together, we will work to create wellness rituals surrounding nutrition, fitness, supportive supplements, and mindful daily practices. 


I have designed flexible online programs to help busy women just like you transform their health from the inside out. With my women’s-only programs, you’ll have a wellness toolbox at your fingertips that includes home workouts, flexible meal plans, daily support, supportive resources, and endless motivation. 


Guiding you to whole health   


While losing weight on my programs is likely, the work we do is about so much more than weight. Yes, you’ll look great, but you’ll also balance your hormones, feel happier, gain energy, improve your skin, mend your relationship with food, and so much more. Using nourishing food, targeted fitness, botanical supplements, and aromatic tools, my programs will change the way you approach your wellness and allow you to develop health rituals that you’ll use for years to come.  


​I look forward to working with you through one of my online programs. Please feel free to reach out with any questions. Going natural is easy and there are a few ways to work it in your current healthy lifestyle - Understand your personal wellness SCORE! Start with a home essential oil kit, become a natural wellness host or partner with us to build your collection and create proactive care rituals, take it the next level!

See you in a complimentary zoom call or the next wellness workshop!


Natalie Rose

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