It's never too late to be who you want to be!

What happened to your inner power?

You know that feeling that drives you to bounce out of bed each day,

or do you get overwhelmed with health and wellness options?

You want to level up but you find it hard express your purpose,

 then you will love our 3 options to thrive and love what you do daily.

Let's reset and rejuvenate with self care!

Lead with action and pursue with passion, the health and wellness industry needs

women like you to share hope and harness the skills to glow. Do you have the three natural

qualities within and would like help from supportive self paced programs or

surround yourself with amazing women just like you?

Relaxing Massage


You love trying new health and wellness products, enjoy reading new material.

Family portrait

Team player

You connect well with like minded people and co-impact sourcing is important to you and your family.

Woman at Work

Lead with Passion

You share the journey of keeping well, you live and breathe natural therapies with passion.

Then, you are ready for absolute wellness in your

life and community that fulfils you?

Okay, maybe you're at one or all these stages of on your wellness journey. Then I recommend you try-out and join the women and training program designed to support you, help you on a deeper level and to creativity coach others and build your wellness. Start or scale your wellness journey, rise in a way that aligns with you!


Register for Online Connection Beginners course [IGNITE YOUR OIL JOURNEY] above you will love the beginner information to start you on the path of loving and using essential oils in your home. I want to teach you how to create the 1st line of defence in your home and how to reduce your toxic load.


Here are what you can expect and the topics that we will be covering.

You will receive update weekly emails and a personal invite to private group:

• Benefits of using Essential oils

• Why are they so Effective

• The Power of Essential Oils

• What are Essential Oils

• The History of Essential Oils

• Why Sourcing of Essential Oils Matters

• Adulteration today

• Co-Impact Sourcing

• Transparency

• Purity, Potency + Consistency

• 3rd Party Testing

• Humanitarian Impact

• Research + Science

• Three Ways to Use Essential Oils

• Safety Guidelines for Essential Oil Usage

• Essential Oils for Children, Pregnancy + Pets

• The importance of Dilution

• The Power of Diffusion

• My favorite Resources + Tools

The World is Full of Opportunities..