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Beach Body Program

The 3 Self-care Foundations to  Rejuvenate daily!

Beach Body Challenge




Are you ready to look and feel your best? This 365-day, self-paced program for women will teach you how to connect to self with the body + soul with natural health cycles. This program is ideal for those looking to overhaul a low tox lifestyle or transform their well-being. This program will help you:


  • Define your set point

  • Balance your energies from within

  • Eliminate toxins & junk food

  • Nourish your body with flexible meal plans

  • Engage in functional fitness 

  • Emotional support and botanical supplements 


Beach Body’s Core Principles 


This program is all about helping you create a solid foundation of healthy practices that result in more health and happiness. The three guiding principles that drive this program includes: 


Whole Foods

Functional Fitness drills

Practice Mindfulness


From establishing a nourishing dietary plan to practicing daily self-care, the tools you learn through this program are the building blocks of a healthy lifestyle and can be used to maintain a healthy, trim body for the rest of your life. 


The Beach Body Challenge Members


When you become part of the Beach Body Challenge community, you’ll gain access to countless resources available 24/7 via the Members Only Access Portal. Your membership includes:


  • 4 online modules & mobile app 

  • A personal diary to track your progress 

  • Flexible nutrition guide 

  • 30-day Eating Healthy Challenge 

  • Botanical supplements guide 

  • Booty Camp home workouts

  • 70K Step-Up Challenges 

  • Access private Community groups 

  • Newsletter Updates & Invitations 

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