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Emotions, Menstrual Cycles, and Metabolic Functions

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Maintaining a balance in the endocrine system is crucial for the proper functioning of the body. The endocrine system consists of glands that secrete hormones into the bloodstream to regulate various physiological processes. These hormones play a vital role in controlling metabolism, growth, development, immune function, mood, and more.


Here are some key factors related to hormone and endocrine balance:


Hormone Production: Hormones are produced by specific endocrine glands such as the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries (in females), and testes (in males). These glands release hormones in response to signals from the body or the brain.

Feedback Mechanisms: The endocrine system operates through feedback loops to maintain hormone levels within a narrow range. There are typically two types of feedback loops:

Negative Feedback: In this type of loop, hormone release is reduced or increased to maintain homeostasis. For example, the hypothalamus and pituitary gland work together to regulate thyroid hormone levels.


Positive Feedback: Positive feedback loops are less common and typically involve processes like childbirth and blood clotting. They amplify the effects of a hormone until a specific goal is achieved.


Hormone Signaling: Hormones travel through the bloodstream to reach target cells or organs. They bind to specific receptors on these cells, initiating a response. The response can vary from stimulating or inhibiting processes to altering gene expression.


Hormone Imbalance: Hormone imbalances can occur for various reasons, including genetics, diseases, stress, medications, aging, and environmental factors. Common hormone-related disorders include diabetes, thyroid disorders, adrenal gland disorders, and hormonal changes associated with menopause or andropause.


Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance: The symptoms of hormone imbalance depend on which hormones are affected. Common symptoms may include fatigue, mood swings, weight gain or loss, changes in blood pressure, menstrual irregularities, hair loss, and more.


Diagnosis and Treatment: Hormone imbalances are diagnosed through blood tests and other diagnostic methods. Treatment options vary depending on the underlying cause and may include lifestyle changes, hormone replacement therapy, medications, or surgery.


Lifestyle Factors: Certain lifestyle factors can help maintain hormone balance. These include regular exercise, a balanced diet, stress management, adequate sleep, and avoiding exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in some plastics, pesticides, and household products.

Disclaimer: It's essential to consult a healthcare professional if you suspect a hormone imbalance, as they can provide a proper diagnosis and recommend appropriate treatments to restore hormonal balance and overall health.

Explore the connection of whole foods and living well. Join the systems from food patterns to natural detoxification within.

Immune system support for your

first line of defence. Protect your greatest asset with natural essential oil to reduce your toxic load.

Emotionally trigged by the modern life, feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, restore balance to your natural homeostatic body.

Wellness is a multitude of functional factors that make us, we are individual beings.


Have you lost your energy?

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired ?

Are you struggling to keep up with live ?

Rejuvenating our energy flow is a daily practice and

requires synergy from within using multidisciplinary mechanisms.


We identify strengthens and gifts within our minds, bodies and soul. But did you know they are connected, the signs and systems of disharmony will appear or manifest in many ways. Most often we treat the symptom and ignore the core issue, only addressing part of the healing process, after all we are human!


After many personal experiences and my passion to help others I have cracked the code: Yes, the functional pathways to balance and support ones life purpose.


Purpose is core value, no matter if you are starting your soul journey or an expert in your field. We can get trapped or blockages that cause pain, but are you tapping into these messages ?


Each year, decade presents new challenges on one or all levels, its personal and only you can take care of the issue or you will hand it over to the emergency department.


Yes, the signs and symptoms are yelling at you and you need to take action and its a long path back to recovery... 

Our bodies systems will give clear signals to take action!

Are you banding a hidden emotion or forgetting to listen to your inner voice ?

A healing crisis can be acute or chronic, our lesson is to address the core issues of energy flow and respect the physical plane. 

Enjoy life to your full patient, not some other judgement or execution.




Stop being a people pleasure, it's a trap to keep you small.

Stop blocking your innate sensors with toxic garbage...

It starts with you! are you listening to you body. Are you receiving clear signals, or using your mind in a positive way to raise your spirits?

We are chemically based beings that move mechanically

with a vibrational energy force, we harness the energy within to live life.

Our natural bodies metabolism regulates the source,

and what we think, eat and believe becomes our present the gift of breathe.


How is your life force, are you ready to balance your energy flow?


The wellness journey is free will, a daily practice of making informed decisions to release, nourish, harmonies within all areas of your life. Creating flow or overcoming life's challenge from within your whole-self ( Mind, Body, Spirit ).


The first step to helping others is to come from a place of heart and love.


Second step is to pour from a full vessel  - a whole body, if you are falling a part you are likely to cause harm.


Back to rule one of natural therapies, cause no harm. We are all learning everyday, and we are a caring community, but it's vital to care from a place of power and scope.  

 Sharing your kindness and love from within your current scope,

not past or future self.

Transcend and align with purpose, tape into a much brighter light and shine with infinite power, stand in your own light to support others heal.

If you have read this far, you are wondering but how!

Pick your plan and choose your challenge to master your flow,

 identify the weak links and expand your strengths.

While rejuvenating on the beaches of Hawaii and exploring other cultures around the world I discovered a multilayer system to help women just like you. And I would like to share my secret tips and treasures with you in my 365 day Beach Body Program.

Start each day a new with a morning ritual!

  • Set time aside in the Morning to schedule your daily prioritise for the next 24hrs.

  • Create a clear 90 day plan of your wellness goals, remember you are the guardian of your life, so you know what you want and who you are. 


                             TAKE ACTION AND GO FOR IT!

I understand that we have all got different gifts and blocks, so please checkout the many tools to support your personal journey and blend

or mix as you require.


Our physical body requires a personal touch or trainer, get in touch with your health indicators and improve your body composition to support vital organs. So, if your are experiencing pain or emotional eating start here! Nutrition and fitness are core energy regulators, measure your endurance and flexibility, uncover any emotional trigger that are sabotaging your flow or inner light.

However for those ladies that out smart the system with intelligence! You can out smart the basic elements with your sassy mind, so we have on essential oil and survival kit to dig deeper and resolve the trigger once and for all, stopping the cycle and moving up a level.


Our magnificent speakers would love to support you along the way!

Connect with experts and get your questions answered in our live zoom classes, you will find them on the webinar calendar, simply reserve your spot or subscribe to the elite plan for replay access to the whole library.

If you are not sure how to begin book a one on one or register for an online class that feels right for you, we are here for you and happy to help!


I look forward to catching up with you weekly blog, please feel free to comment and ask questions, If you liked it give a thumbs up so I know what to focus on more.

Use your awareness to protect your energy, apply practical steps to expand your comfort zone ! - both in your personal life and in your business.



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I help women achieve results, empower and educate with passion to purse a wellness lifestyle. From the foundations to fundamentals, it's my mission to share my secrets about the health benefits of living a low tox lifestyle with confidence.



If giving makes you feel good, you may experience burnout and exhaustion ( extreme physical or mental fatigue ) at times. Avoid the road blocks and the synthetic pathway. Start natural living with 100% pure essential oils and supplements in your own home, create a wholesale account to get your wellness kit shipped directly to your front door - amazing DOTERRA rewards program!


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I look forward to meeting and getting to know you, please feel free to reach out within an email.

2 IN 3 Women Are Overweight and Many More Unhealthy

Which is mind-blowing ( and breaks my heart ) considering, women rise each day to care for others, highly educated, hold important job roles, and cultivate better living standards within the home. Basically, working harder than ever before… and not seeing traction. I’m not okay with that.



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DISCLAIMER - These programs are designed for overall wellness and healthy eating practice, not to cure or treatment for medical health conditions. Please seek medical advice before any weight loss program. Please select program carefully as T&Cs apply.

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