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Making Me Time

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

' Making the most of life, with purpose."

Expand your wellness knowledge and build your wellness awareness with a strong support circle.

Are you a Doterra wellness advocate, health coach or holistic minded trainer looking to further your Low Tox living practices to help change the health of women and your family?

Do you have a specialise women's health skills set, including fat loss, hormone, nutrition or grounding with spirit ?

Join Natalie Rose, on a 365 day group mentoring journey and gain the knowledge and confidence required to align your dream health and elite body wellness.

Together we can explore and expand your wellness options and explore the many essential tools, tips and tricks to glow personally and professionally. Are you ready to step into the role as a leader in the wellness space?

Learn what's included and pre-requisites to join me on a 365-day mentoring journey. We meet weekly within a private group and zoom calls to personalise your plan every step of the way.


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