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Align Your
Body Goals

Get My 7 Day Challenge! 

The foundations to wellness are living an active lifestyle and eating well, so why is it not enough to maintain our overall health?

I know it sounds crazy, but exercise is my happy place and following my passion led me to create this women’s only program. I am Natalie Rose, a qualified personal trainer who has transitioned from the world of beauty to a world of sharing my life purpose and passion for the truth about women's wellness. Hopefully inspiring women, I educate, but most importantly, share empowering science based principles of training and nutrition. 


Define Your Wellness

I’ve taken my many years of experience reading and coaching scientific methods to understanding the fundamentals of exercise science. Discover each challenge module in-depth!

Low Tox private community share recipes and tips.

Reduce Your Toxic Load

As a Trainer, I’ve learned the importance of detecting the fallacies in the overly hyped methods and general misconceptions to communicate the truth with my members in a clear and functional way. Learn more...

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Level Up with Self Care

How exercise supports the many organs of the body and mood, the essential part it plays in supporting a healthy pathway to success. Self care is the secret to maintaining your results, applying natural solutions is a vital part of the process, learn how beauty treatment support your health and wellness on a cellular level.  

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Become a Member!

Pursue your passion and support your circle with core wellness principles with purposeful daily rituals and fun online resources.

Full online training and support at your own pace.

LIVE Q&A Saturday Morning Coffee with Natalie

Exclusive access to private training group and giveaways! 

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