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Intro Essential Oils

A Webinar Series on How to build a foundation for lifelong wellness, reduce your toxins in your home, rise your energy naturally, reset balance and harmony into your life, and save money by making simply DIY swaps in your own home using high quality essential oils and ready made products. Welcome to our global wellness community! 

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Presented by Natalie Rose,
Founder & CEO Essentially low tox.

A qualified nutritionist and personal trainer, doterra advocate and network marketing business mentor. I'm an auntie, sister and daughter. Through building and working in the wellness space I've been able to travel and work from home, support family. I believe our health is our greatest asset and living to thrive is an essential lifestyle and it's possible to heal-thy for the good of all! 

In this webinar series we will cover

Reading with Coffee

DISCLAIMER - These programs are designed for natural wellness methods and healthy practice, not to cure or treatment for medical health conditions. Please seek medical advice before any weight loss program. Please select program carefully as T&Cs apply.

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