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Our Community Calender + Challenge includes:

  • 4 online modules & mobile app 

  • A personal diary to track your progress 

  • Flexible nutrition guide 

  • 30-day Eating Healthy Challenge 

  • Botanical supplements guide 

  • Move at home workouts

  • 70K Step-Up Challenges 

  • Access to the private Community groups 

  • Eligible for Amazing GIVEWAYS

  • Free Oil Training

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For wellness women that want natural
home care and personal solutions.

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Which essential phase are you in?


Embrace a balanced, whole foods meal plan designed to nourish your body, support natural detoxification, and release weight.


Engage in at-home core and booty fitness drills to sculpt, tone, and strengthen your body while increasing flexibility and endurance. 


Use the power of botanical supplements, natural herbs, and spices to boost your metabolism and increase your energy levels. 

This is your permission slip to:

Beautiful woman wearing crochet bikini p
  • Balance and centre your inner energy source

  • Let go of unhealthy habits that aren’t serving you. 

  • Break free from extreme dieting and demanding workout schedules.

  • Embrace the happiness and well-being that comes with living a healthy low toxic lifestyle.




  • Targeted nutrition to boost your metabolism and shed excess weight. 

  • Intuitive eating to experience freedom around food.  

  • Functional fitness moves to gain strength and sculpt a lean body.

  • Botanical supplements to generate happy hormones and improve your mood.


Not only will the core principles you learn help you achieve a beach body, radiant skin, and support overall health, but it’ll also provide you with the tools needed to maintain your physique and wellness for years to come.

Join our community, Only If...

  • You’re exhausted because you want consistent results to improve your health and fitness , but you’re always spinning your wheels: The only “spinning” you want to do is on your Push Bike. Not with your time and effort.

  • You feel frustrated with the information overload and just want someone to show you WHAT to do, step-by-step: The whole “figuring out” bit leaves you feeling like a deer in the headlights.

  • You know you want a heal-thy lifestyle, and a plan that doesn’t chain you down or “cost a fortune”: You want to become a wellness advocate for real freedom - freedom from food additives, freedom from dieting in and out, freedom from constant hustling for very little calorie.


It's your time now!


What happened to your power?

I’m Natalie Rose, founder of the essentially low tox community a certified personal trainer, nutrition coach, doTerra Wellness Advocate, and business coach. Nice to meet you! I’ve spent the last 20+ years expanding my knowledge and helping women to shape their bodies and lifestyles they love. Through my vast experience, I’ve created a plateform that helps women lose weight, support their health goals, and enhance their vitality.

I build this community to help women like you create live changing transformations in your own home.


Are you ready to gain access, connect with ones self, nourish each layer and

rejuvenate your energy source with a balanced approach that actually works, 

then I look forward to working with you!

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