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Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Do you know what I learned? That there are virtually no rules about essential oil companies putting "100% pure" on the label when the oil inside isn't, and even finding the rules or regulations is pretty much impossible.

I just spent a few hours trying to find a concrete answer as to the regulations of essential oils ... and I couldn't find anything.

If a product with essential oils in it is touted as having therapeutic benefits, it's regulated like a drug. If they're touted as making your skin nicer, they are deemed cosmetic. But that doesn't speak about the labeling laws and what can and cannot be said on the package.

Turns out, the FDA doesn't regulate between a fragrance from a plant extract (i.e. an essential oil) and a synthetic chemical constituent that gives a product the same fragrance. This is why it's so confusing when you look at the ingredient list on essential oil and only see one ingredient: 100% pure "insert name of plant" essential oil.

There are also other loopholes like "trade secrets" that do not have to be disclosed on the labels.

You can see why it's so confusing with all the different companies selling "100% pure" essential oils that have been popping up everywhere ... including places like Best Buy, Walmart, and even the dollar store.

The adulteration of essential oils is rampant, wild, and everywhere.

Experts estimate that 80% of commercially available “pure” essential oils are

adulterated in some way.

Once you start paying attention to pages like this and learning about the multiple companies they are calling out as selling either partially or completely synthetic essential oils that are labeled "100% pure", it's hard to trust that any company with that label can be trusted at all.


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